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       "I love story telling and the art of editing"

       Commercial    Documentary     Reality    Promo    Trailer

           Over 25 Years Combined Production and Post Production Experience

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Avid Certified Courses 
1996 & 2000 & 2003 & 2011


Video Symphony (Burbank, CA.)
Moviola Digital (Hollywood, CA.)




  • Media Composer Version 5 (2011)

  • Avid Symphony Finishing

  • Advanced Techniques for Avid Media Composer

  • Avid Media Composer Troubleshooting

  • Film Editing on Media Composer 

  • Media Composer Paint and Graphics

  • Advanced Avid Media Composer Effects

  • Numerous Avid Workshops

2000 - 2010               
Editing Seminars by Top Hollywood Editors:

Walter Murch - 3 Oscars for Best Picture Editing
(Cold Mountain, Apocalypse Now, The English Patient, The Godfather Part III)

Alan Heim - 1 Oscar for Best Picture Editing, 1 Emmy (Network, Lenny, All That Jazz)

Avatar Editors:
James Cameron (Titanic, Terminator 2)
Stephen Rivkin (Pirates of the Caribbean, Swordfish)
John Refoua (CSI Miami)

Norman Hollyn (Heathers, The Cotton Club, Sophie's Choice)
Scott Powel (Hawaii Five-O, 24 - The Series)
Stuart Bass (The Middle, The Office, MacGyver)
Lynn Wilbinham (X-Files, Breaking Bad)
Kevin Leffler (Top Chef, Project Runway)
1991 - 1993

Los Angeles Valley College (Van Nuys, CA.)
Computer Technology, TV Broadcasting, Sales and Marketing


1988 - 1990                   
American Film Institute (Hollywood)
Cinematography & Lighting Workshops by Top Hollywood Cinematographers

Directors of Photography:
Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now, Last Emperor, Dick Tracy, Tucker)
Stephen Golblatt, ASC. (Lethal Weapon series)
William Fraker, ASC  (Bullitt, Murphy's Romance, Rosemary's Baby, Exorcist II)
Woody Omens, ASC. (Coming to America, Harlem Nights)
Haskell Wexler, ASC. (Three Fugitives)
Conrad Hall, ASC. (Tequila Sunrise)
Victor Kemper, ASC (Pee Wee's Big Adventure)
Bill Butler, ASC (Godfather, Stripes, Omen, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Rocky, Grease)



The Burbank/Warner Brothers Studios (Burbank CA.)
Camera Assistants Training Program


Industrial Video Training School (Phoenix, AZ.)
Theory and Operation of the Video Camera & Video Tape Editing



King City School (King City, CA.)
Advanced Photography

1980 - 1981

United States Army, CA.
Apprenticeship Program for Advanced Motion Picture Photography
Still Photographer - On the Job Training


1978 - 1979 

Lowry Technical Training Center (Denver, Colorado)
Motion Picture Photography and Film Editing



Cattaraugus Central High School (New York)
High School Graduate with Honors


Strengths and

Photography and Lighting (Motion Pictures, Video, and Still)
Martial Arts - Tae Kwon Do (Earned a Blue Belt)
Workout Regularly - Weight Training, Swimming, Jogging